Waterproof neoprene or vinyl cushion top

Black high quality 32oz. marine vinyl sides and bottom

Stainless Steel DOT® fasteners

14" YKK® zippered opening for easy cushion removal

1" high tensile strength webbing strap

60mm black carabiner

Premium open and closed cell layered foam

Dimensions are 12" Deep x 18" Wide x 2.5" Thick .... cushion will not obstruct handle motion

Easy to install with included Stainless Steel DOT® self tapping screw studs

Overall weight only ----- 2 Pounds

Handmade in West Chester, PA

***All Realtree® seats will vary in design, they are cut from a large printed neoprene sheet. All seats will be slightly different, but all will display one or more of the registered Realtree® logo***

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