About Us

Butt Hurt Seats is a small company committed to filling the demand of higher premium quality in recreational seating.  For years, family and friends have spent numerous amounts of dollars on lower-end quality cushions.  We've decided to raise the bar on what consumers consider quality handmade goods.
ALL of our seats are manufactured by hard working American individuals, right here in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  Using nothing but the highest quality material, your products are built to last.  Each seat is personally handmade just for you.  Don't get all butthurt when you purchase a mediocre seat somewhere else, because you should have chosen a Butt Hurt Seat in the first place.
Have something different in mind? We have no problem customizing a seat for you.  Webbing and stitching can be changed upon request. Send an email to butthurtseats@gmail.com ......... we would love to work with you.